Morning Read: The Biggest Case of Political Tourette’s Syndrome

Fair enough: “Mr. Paladino used most of the three minutes to describe his plans for fixing Albany and creating jobs, including cutting taxes by 10 percent, appointing a special prosecutor to investigate political corruption and pursuing new oil and gas drilling in upstate New York,” the NY Times reports.’

Alan Hevesi acknowledged accepting nearly $1 million in overseas travel, campaign contributions and other benefits for himself and others from a California money manager who had won $250 million in investments from New York’s Common Retirement Fund.

The Hevesi Story.

Hevesi faces up to four years in prison

The Post on Cuomo’s ticketmates Hevesi and Schneiderman: But it must be hard for him to keep a straight face knowing that his own ballot-mates are products of the very system he vows to reform.

No rail tunnel for us.

Paladino is receiving baseball bats from supporters.

Dicker: Carl Paladino revealed last night that he has the biggest case of political Tourette’s syndrome ever to appear on the New York electoral landscape.

In a Connecticut debate yesterday, it was the sex and violence CEO vs. the Vietnam fabricator.

A key supporter of Carl Paladino was caught with porn on his government-issued computer.

The Obama administration is considering a total ban of phone usage in cars.

Jerry Brown, or an aide of his, called Meg Whitman a “whore.”

National Security Advisor James Jones is resigning.

The voter registration deadline is TODAY.




Morning Read: The Biggest Case of Political Tourette’s Syndrome