Morning Read: Very Uncomfortable

Andrew Cuomo is running his campaign for governor on his own.

Cuomo looked “very uncomfortable” when Vito Lopez showed up at his meeting with Hasidic leaders.

Lopez’s non-profit received a $24 million windfall from the feds to repair buildings that it then rented to federally subsidized tenants.

Lopez appears not to live in his district, but with his girlfriend, in Queens.

Elizabeth A. Harris profiles Lincoln Restler.

Politicians have been hitting the church circuit.

Carl Paladino’s companies have netted $3 million in tax breaks and created just 25 jobs.

The Cuomo campaign made hay of this.

A G.O.P operative on Paladino: “It would be nice if he could just keep his s–t together for a week.”

Paladino is trying to tone down the attacks and focus on the issues. “We’re totally over the personal crap,” he tells Jacob Gershman.

Schumer for Schneiderman.

The NYPD says all the paperwork is keeping them from fighting crime.

Tom DiNapoli once sought Steven Rattner’s help.

Crime went up on Staten Island.

A new group spearheaded by Bill deBlasio, Coalition for Accountability in Political Spending  aims to secure promises from major corporations to fully disclose any political spending and, ideally, to avoid spending corporate money directly on elections.

The city is considering selling off its parking meters.



  Morning Read: Very Uncomfortable