Morning Read: Wear Little Speedos

The rabbi introducing Carl Paladino to Jewish groups wants to create an “Orthodox Tea Party.”

Paladino said that it was inappropriate for Andrew Cuomo to take his children to a gay pride parade.

The problem, Paladino explained, is that his daughters would have to watch men “wear little Speedos and they grind against each other.”

Paladino blamed Cuomo for the flap over his remarks about homosexuality.

Roger Stone owes the IRS $400,0000

There has not been a surge in New York in voter registration or absentee ballots, Sam Roberts reports

Upstate Democratic congressman Bill Owens is bragging about how often he votes with John Boehner.

The City Council will unveil legislation that will establish strict disclosure requirements for pregnancy crisis centers, which are often anti-abortion counseling centers masked and reproductive health clinics.

Local schoolkids from “Waiting for Superman” met with President Obama.

An audit by Tom DiNapoli found $1 million worth of errors in NY unemployment benefits.

There remains a huge gap in New York in how schools are funded.

The Board of Elections failed to ship ballots to New York soldiers serving overseas.

Dan Donovan made the “Albany Insider” argument about Eric Schneiderman to the Advance editorial board.

Joe DioGuardi is being linked to a Ponzi scheme.

Greg Meeks’ congressional staffers are gathering signatures for his hand-picked city council candidate, Nicole Bell.



  Morning Read: Wear Little Speedos