Morning Read: Whopping Victory

The ARC tunnel is officially dead.

The back story on the Clinton/Cuomo relationship.

“Give him a whopping victory. Send him to Albany with a massive majority,” Clinton told a rally for Cuomo in Brooklyn.

Clinton heads upstate next to help out Scott Murphy.

Paladino seemed confused about how much of state government he would cut

Bill deBlasio is going after George Pataki’s Revere America committee for their unwillingness to divulge where their money is coming from.

WNYC looks at the education agenda of Paladino and Cuomo.

The curious case of Carl Paladino’s caretaking of his aunt’s house.

Republicans are looking to take over the state Senate.

Cuomo wants a higher penalty on Steve Rattner than the Feds do.

Dan Donovan has been slow to prosecute mortgage fraud.

Kristen Davis picked the “Vote Homo, Not Cuomo” line because she think the AG isn’t sufficiently committed to gay marriage.

On groundbreaking day, Aqueduct racino’s minority hirings are called into question.

The Rent Is Too Damn High, the album, debuts on Tuesday

Morning Read: Whopping Victory