NY Duo Tries to Raise $10,000 to Make iPhone Tripod, Gets $100,000 Instead

Dan Provost and Tom Gerhardt designed the Glif, a playful, multipurpose iPhone stand and tripod mount.

They created the first protypes on a 3-D printer and improved on them over the course of several months. When they felt they had perfected the item, they created a Kickstarter project to raise $10,000.

The idea was to use the money to fund a more efficient, high-quality process of mass production. To encourage people to invest, Provost and Gerhardt told Kickstarter users that anyone who pledged $20 or more was essentially pre-ordering a Glif.

Glif Montage from Glif on Vimeo.


On Monday, Oct. 4th, the project got a shout out on the popular Apple blog Daring Fireball, and before they knew it, the duo had raised $100,099 from nearly 4000 backers.

“Well Holy Guacomole Kickstarter, it has been quite a day,” says Tom Gerhardt in a video update posted to the Glif’s funding page.

“We wanted to post this little video message and thank everyone who’s pledged so far, you have fufilled our wildest dreams, I guess more than our wildest dreams,” he says, laughing.

As Chris Anderson wrote in Wired, this is truly another industrial revolution. An idea can move beyond a sketch and be modeled on a computer, then made into a physical object cheaply and quickly on a 3-D printer. 

Designers with little budget or infrastructure can now hone their products before bringing them to market. And sites like Kickstarter and Etsy help connect the finished product with an engaged community of customers.

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NY Duo Tries to Raise $10,000 to Make iPhone Tripod, Gets $100,000 Instead