Paladino Concedes: I Got No Proof [VIDEO]

From the AP:

Republican Carl Paladino now says he has no proof Democrat Andrew Cuomo had extramarital affairs a decade ago, a claim he made Wednesday in the already nasty race for New York governor…

Paladino tells the News he misspoke and misunderstood that reporter’s question and its context.


Well, that’s awkward. This comes after Paladino doubled-down on Liz Benjamin’s show last night, saying that he has evidence of Cuomo’s “paramours” and will furnish that evidence “when we are good and ready.”

“Andrew Cuomo has to account for all of his past. And I will I assure, this is just the beginning of what I will vet on Andrew Cuomo,” he said.

Meanwhile, this campaign season is quickly turning into Bizzaro-land.  It has Dan Amira of  NY Mag beginning to wonder if all of this is part of some giant statewide set-up.

Put it all together and this is almost too much to comprehend. Publicly and repeatedly slandering your opponent and then pretending it never happened. Discussing the child you had with your mistress and then claiming you never had an affair. Not to mention telling anyone who gets on your bad side that they’re “off the Christmas-card list.” Is this a campaign for governor or some kind of mind-bending performance art? Are we on Punk’d



Paladino Concedes: I Got No Proof [VIDEO]