Pallone v. Little

While conscious of not wanting to hurt feelings or diminish enthusiasm, establishment Republicans in the 6th Congressional District continue to politiely tell impassioned Anna Little followers to relax.

The dimensions of the district have “congressman for life” demarcating the landscape, and the Republican plan all along was merely to stick a pin in the U.S. Frank Pallone (D-Long Branch) money blimp that hovers constantly near one half of New Jersey’s U.S. Senate seats.

But Little supporters actually think they can and will win on Nov. 2nd., and feel buoyed by Gov. Chris Christie’s presence at a Sunday evening rally and Red Bank fundraiser tonight for the Highland Mayor and Tea Party luminary.

The establishment imprimatur is not only at hand – but well in hand.

Yet despite all the hoopla, a backroom frenzy by establishment Republican to force Pallone to dip deeper into his $4.2 million warchest and weaken him as a statewide presence, and disgruntled back chatter coming out of his own party to spread some money around to help roadkill Monmouth County Democrats, Pallone’s supporters say look at the district: it will not elect a right wing Tea Partier.

The congressman fought back this week, sending out several email blasts deriding Little as a conglomerate of extremist positions to complement his positive ad. Pallone v. Little