Poll: G.O.P. Wave Stops In New York

Today’s Q-Poll offers some reassuring news for Democrats: all three top-of-the-ticket G.O.P. candidates are likely to get crushed next week,

“That Republican wave that’s said to be sweeping the country runs into a levee – a dam, a blockade, whatever figure of speech you like – at the New York border probably because of Carl Paladino’s foot-in-mouth disease. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo can start measuring the Executive Mansion curtains.  This race is all but over,” said Maurice Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

The poll shows Cuomo up by 20 points over Paladino. Senator Chuck Schumer leads Jay Townsend by even more 64-32. And Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, once thought to be the most vulnerable statewide Democrats, appears to be benefiting from her flashy photo spread in Vogue. She tops former Congressman Joe DioGuardi 57-34.

Carroll concedes that these numbers are likely to tighten–somewhat–as we move closer to Election Day. Poll: G.O.P. Wave Stops In New York