‘Presidential’ Lorne Michaels May Be On-Hand for Live 30 Rock

Dave Itzkoff has an interview up today with Robert Carlock where the 30 Rock executive producer discusses Thursday’s highly anticipated live episode. Details of the show have been under wraps, so nearly all of what Mr. Carlock has to say is new information. Join us as we break down the juicy bits!

Mr. Carlock says the show is set at the end of the day on Liz Lemon’s 40th birthday, and will take place in sort-of real time, beginning with an episode of the TGS sketch show and ending with the end of that episode — though presumably TGS is longer than a half-hour, as SNL is, plus there are flashbacks, with other actors portraying the principals. Moreover, the show will actually be filmed at 30 Rock, as opposed to its usual location in Long Island City.

An SNL veteran himself, Mr. Carlock says Lorne Michaels may stop by to offer advice. “It is his house. I think he will be there. He’s been, as he has throughout the series, helpful. I think he would hate to be called avuncular. Presidential?” Mr. Carlock said. “I’m not sure he knows where Long Island City is.”

One of the things that had been confirmed earlier was that Matt Damon, who plays Tina Fey’s current boyfriend, will be in the episode. Presumably he will not plug Hereafter, but it’s a live episode, anything can happen. ‘Presidential’ Lorne Michaels May Be On-Hand for Live 30 Rock