Pro-Adultery Dating Site Offers Spokesman Gig to Cheating Chilean Miner

The saved Chilean miners are beginning to see offers that could make them rich, but one of these proposals is, given the circumstances, exceedingly apt. New York Post is reporting that Yonni Barrios — the miner who the world learned was having an affair when his wife and mistress met at the mine site — is being offered $100,000 to become the Spanish spokesperson for, an online dating site that specializes in arranging extramarital relationships. The site has a slogan: “Life is short. Have an affair.”

“To date our Spanish language service has been a tremendous success in the United States,” the website’s President Noel Biderman told Fox News’ Pop Tarts blog. “Since its launch over 17 percent of new members on are Spanish speaking.”


In early September, when the best estimates had the miners stuck below until Christmas, The Sun reported that the two woman had begun holding vigils for the same trapped man. 

When Barrios emerged from the closed-in shaft last week he faced his extramarital affair head-on, though his wife’s non-attendance at the rescue perhaps made things easier. Their heartfelt embrace, though immoral, was enough to land Barrios on our list of most adorable Chilean miners.


There is no word on whether he will accept the spokesperson deal — which also specifies that while acting as spokesperson, Barrios would have to remain legally married to his wife and carry on with his mistress. Ashley Madison might not believe in nuptial piety, but it does believe in truth in advertising. 

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Pro-Adultery Dating Site Offers Spokesman Gig to Cheating Chilean Miner