Questions over McNerney ELEC filing

Questions are being raised about the campaign finance report filed this month by Bergen County Executive Dennis McNerney.

The report, dated October 4 listed no expenditures for McNerney’s reelection bid and only marginal in-kind contributions from the Bergen county Democratic Organization.

But McNerney has been up with several internet advertisements on this site and others since September, reportedly paid for by the BCDO.

According to Joe Donohue, deputy director at the Election Law Enforcement Commission, a campaign is required to report advertising purchases on its behalf as an in-kind contribution. While McNerney’s latest report shows $15, 369.60 in contributions from the organization, none of that money is for advertising.

Asked to clarify, campaign spokesman Sean Darcy said the ads were charged as in-kind contributions to the three Democratic Freeholder candidates.  Darcy said the mistake was inadvertent and said he would file an amended ELEC report today listing McNerney as a recipient of an in-kind contribution from the BCDO.

McNerney has also been running a network television spot this week, but Darcy said the television time was purchased for that ad after October 4, the deadline for including expenditures in the current report.


Questions over McNerney ELEC filing