Quinn To Reporters: Donovan Bad For Women

The Eric Schneiderman campaign for attorney general did a conference call with reporters this afternoon featuring Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who did her best to sway wavering women voters to their side.

Quinn hit Donovan over his pro-life views, and in particular, his oft-repeated line that the Schneiderman’s campaign focus on choice issues is a “red herring.”

“As a woman New Yorker I grow increasingly concerned every time I hear Dan Donovan say that the issue of women’s reproductive health is a red herring. I think I speak for most New York City women when I say our health care and our reproductive health care is anything but a red herring.”

Donovan has maintained that if he were elected attorney general he would uphold existing law, and that women’s reproductive health care is not an issue that is up for debate in New York.

Quinn particularly went after Donovan for the award that he received from The Crisis Pregnancy Center of New York.

“It has been documented that crisis pregnancy centers, part of what they are doing is giving women misinformation, frightening women, and trying to talk women out of a legal safe option they have as it relates to their health care,” Quinn said. “Now he has been honored by these organizations, honored because he helped them access public money. That is a troubling thing to me.”

dfreedlander@observer.com Quinn To Reporters: Donovan Bad For Women