Ridley Scott to Produce Philip Dick BBC Series

Director Ridley Scott will partner with the BBC to produce a four-hour miniseries based on the Philip K. Dick novel The Man in the High Castle, Deadline reports. The last time Mr. Scott adapted a work by the author was 1982’s Blade Runner, a film that had perhaps even a greater influence on cyberpunk culture than Hackers.

But don’t hold out hope for hours of technologically ruined dystopia in the TV series. The book is actually the least science fiction-y in the Dick cannon, and is set in the Western United States during an alternate present where the Allies lost World War II.

Here’s Dick-head Jonathan Lethem explaining his fondness for the book when it was collected with three other works for the Library of America series.

He was expending his energies on these unpublished realist novels. What happened with The Man in the High Castle was that he invigorated his science fiction with all the ambition he’d been reserving for his mainstream efforts. Suddenly, he vaulted up to this other level.

Expect intrigue, Zen philosophy, Nazi uniforms and possibly something involving the Tea Party.

Ridley Scott to Produce Philip Dick BBC Series