Rushdie Penning Fatwa Memoir

Salman Rushdie’s next book will be a memoir of his time spent in hiding following the 1989 fatwa that stemmed from his book The Satanic Verses, Reuters reports.

Sir Salman says that the book will be a chance to set the record straight, and that he already has 100 pages. “So far I feel that I’m right,” he said. “I’m not getting churned up and upset, I’m just writing it and I’m feeling quite pleased to be writing it.”

If you can’t wait for the author to complete it in his levelheaded way, we can refer you to The Guradian page dedicated exclusively to news concerning the fatwa.

Mr. Rushdie also put in a plug for his most recent book, Luka and the Fire of Life, a children’s novel written for his 13-year-old son Milan, from his third marriage. In it, Reuters says, mythical figures populate the “action-packed, video game-inspired pages.”

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Rushdie Penning Fatwa Memoir