Sikh Council Candidate Organizes Free Cab Rides To Polls

Harpreet Singh Toor, a neighborhood activist who is running to become the first Sikh in the city council, has come up with an innovative way to get his voters to the polls next Tuesday.

Toor has arranged for Sikh cab drivers to use their cars to ferry voters to and from the polls on election day.

“It is important that the voters in Southeast Queens make their voices heard,” Toor said.  “Of course I hope that they vote for me, but what is most important is that they vote. For too long the needs of this district have been ignored by those in office.   The only way we will change things for the better is to come out and vote in large numbers.”

Toor noted that Sikh cab drivers also offered free rides in the wake of 9/11, and said the gesture then and next week is related to the Sikh concept of Seva, which he defined as doing service without any expectation of return.

Toor is running for the seat vacated by the late Tom White. Nicole Paultre Bell and Ruben Wills are widely viewed as the front-runners in that race.

District residents who want the rides can call the Toor campaign office at 917.653.3205 Sikh Council Candidate Organizes Free Cab Rides To Polls