SLIDESHOW Week in Review: Donovan vs. Schneiderman

Schneiderman spokesperson James Freedland headed off the week with an attack of Donovan's interview with New York NOW, in which the G.O.P. candidate failed to distance himself from ballotmate Carl Palladino's stance on abortion. "Dan Donovan might not know if it’s extreme to force a rape or incest victim to carry a pregnancy, but the women of this state certainly do. His statement proves that the Paladino-Donovan ticket is dangerously out of step with the people of New York," Freedland said.
Donovan spokeswoman Virginia Lam responded that Donovan would enforce New York's laws as they are on the books, including the right to choose, adding that the accusation from Schneiderman's camp was a way of distracting voters from the issues at stake in the AG race. "State Senator Schneiderman is yet again trying to shift the conversation away from the pressing issues facing our state, namely, rooting out corruption and fraud in our state government - a dysfunctional government he has been a part of the past 12 years," she said.
Schneiderman received Planned Parenthood's endorsement, saying, "Even in New York, we can never let our guard down... I will stand up for all civil rights and challenge anti-choice injustice wherever it exists."
Donovan, who is personally pro-life but promises to uphold New York's current reproductive laws, questioned Schneiderman's commitment to women voters by pointing out that his state senate committee has stalled on child-support legislation that would increase criminal liability in delinquent parents. "How can you claim to champion women's rights when you aid and abet dead beats who take advantage of women?" asked Donovan's spokeswoman Virginia Lam.
After the Village Voice made note of Donovan's participation in Staten Island's "ethically challenged political campaign," Team Schneiderman ran with it. Spokesperson James Freedland called Donovan out for accepting campaign money from a donor on probation for tax fraud.
Donovan spokesperson Virginia Lam responded by calling Schneiderman a "card-carrying member of the Albany cesspool," and spotted two Schneiderman donors who are allegedly under investigation. She said that Team Donovan was "setting the example and returning the money" and they "expected state Senator Schneiderman to do the same."
Schneiderman's camp launched a "Dodger Dan" character on Facebook to parody Donovon's deferral on topics like Paladino's controversial e-mails and the right to choose. "We’ve been impressed by Dodger Dan Donovan’s ability to duck, dodge and weave when questioned on his record or stance on the issues," said Freedland.
"Team Schneiderman strikes out once again trying to distract voters’ attention from the fact that State Senator Schneiderman has been in Albany longer than Jackie Robinson played in Brooklyn," Lam responded. Donovan was ahead of Schneiderman on negative web campaigning. His team launched attack site "State Street Eric" last week.
Early this morning, it looked as if the Donovan and Schneiderman might call a cease fire on their campaign spokespeople and sit down for a gentlemanly tete-a-tete. Schneiderman accepted an invitation to debate Wall Street financial crime at the Thursday Monring Roundtable at Syracuse University. "I have great respect for Mr. Donovan, but I believe we have an honest difference of opinion on how to approach illegal activity taking place on Wall Street... I hope he will join me in a courteous and high-minded discussion of our respective positions on this important issue, because the impact it has on New Yorkers is enormous," said Schneiderman However, during a conference call this morning, Lam said that Team Donovan has another engagement in a different part of the state that day, but they are looking into attending the Roundtable on a different Thursday.

It’s been a brutal week in the race for attorney general. Fresh off endorsements from Cuomo and Bloomberg, State Senator Eric Schneiderman and Staten Island DA Dan Donovan’s campaigns have launched attacks daily, targeting high profile issues like abortion, policing Wall Street, and campaign ethics. Click through for a recap.

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