The 9/11 Memorial Finds Mysterious $10,000 in Donation Box

For a while, the fate of the 9/11 Memorial, like much of the Ground Zero site, seemed uncertain, and fundraising efforts were even suspended. But like everything at the World Trade Center, it slowly, stubbornly got back underway. The memorial has already raised $370 million toward a goal of $610 million, for the entire project, and it received an unexpected boost yesterday, according to the Post:

Officials at the 9/11 memorial preview site were stunned when they opened one of the donation boxes Tuesday night and instead of the usual pile of change and crumpled singles, they found $10,000 in crisp bills clearly left by a single person.

The tab notes that the memorial has gotten anoynmous donations before, some upwards of seven figures, but certainly nothing like this. Now it’ll only take 24,000 more good samaritans to get this thing finished.

This is not the only good sign at the site, as those facade panels have finally started arriving onsite, though none have yet been installed. And 30 more trees are expected to be planted by the end of the month, after the first 16 arrived at the end of August. (You can see nine of the new ones that were planted two weeks ago, ringing the north pool of the memorial, above). Before you know it, it’ll be 2030, and everyone will wonder what all the complaining was about.

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The 9/11 Memorial Finds Mysterious $10,000 in Donation Box