The Rockaways Get Hip! What Would Joey Say?

If only we could surf the subways. As yet another near-hurricane batters the city and tries to drown us all on the way to work, we’ve traded our hellishly hot summer for a soggy fall. What The Observer wouldn’t give to be sitting by the beach, chomping on some tacos.

Fortunately, Todd “The” Selby has dragged himself away from his increasingly busy still camera (see: The Times, CB2) to shoot his first video in two years. The name pretty much says it all, as “Rockaway Taco” is the chronicle of the three-year-old shop of the same name and one of its proprieters, Andrew Field. The video opens with the scruffy youngster waking up to the sunrise on the roof of his nearby apartment building. Though it’s not referenced in the flick, Ramones fans might recall the opening of “Rockaway Beach” (“Up on the roof, out in the street, down in the playground, the hot concrete…”). Hopefully, Andrew wasn’t up there this morning!

The result is a very sweet film (almost earnest enough for CBS Sunday Morning, but also cool!) that should warm your spirits a little and dry your bones. If only it hadn’t made The Real Estate Desk hungry at the same time. FreeWilliamsburg, where this video turned up, recommends the black bean plantain quesadilla.

Rockaway Taco, A Selby Film from the selby on Vimeo.

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The Rockaways Get Hip! What Would Joey Say?