Tourists Fawn Over ’22nd Century’ Cop Scooters

The cops roving around subway stations just got their rides majorly pimped. The New York Daily News reports that the NYPD Transit bureau has purchased 13 T3 transporters, three-wheeled electric scooters that resemble the famous/infamous Segway. Four of the vehicles are currently in use.

The officers lucky enough to snag one of these choice subterranean scooters say that the flashy T3s give them a higher visibility, and allow them to peer above crowds. “You can’t miss them,” one policeman told the Daily News

And onlookers certainly haven’t missed them. A tour guide from Queens snapped pictures for his Facebook page — “Tourists love to see that type of thing” — while another called the vehicles “a step into the 22nd century.”

The real test of their future-caliber functionality, however, will be their ability to avoid the accidents associated with the Segway. Hopefully everyone’s learned their lesson with those things.

Twitter: @NFreeman1234 Tourists Fawn Over ’22nd Century’ Cop Scooters