Two-headed McMorrow

Monmouth County Democrats are still at war with former Freeholder Barbara McMorrow, the one-time Democrat turned Republican, who’s running this year as a Freehold Township comitteewoman.

A mailpiece shows McMorrow with two heads on one side; and on the other, a shot of a grinning McMorrow standing next to President Barack Obama, who in turn appears to be consoling a frazzled-looking former Gov. Jon Corzine.

“McMorrow can’t be trusted,” the headlne says. “This year, Barbara McMorrow is a Republican. She called herself a Democrat last year. …McMorrow is loyal to nothing. She can’t be trusted. She’s just another politician in it for herself.”

The divide was even worse when McMorrow was a Democrat and battled internally with her same-party colleagues on the freeholder board in 2008. Finally citing health conerns, McMorrow announced her decision not to seek re-election last year, accepted a bouquet of honor from Monmouth County Democratic Party Chair Vic Scudiery, then faded… only to resurface as a Republican on the Freehold Township Committee. Two-headed McMorrow