VSL// An excellent movie (you probably haven’t seen)

Every year there’s plenty of movies that arrive with a heap of hype, but there are always those small-yet-excellent films that disappear from theaters before you get a chance to see them. But good news: Winter’s Bone—one of the year’s best —will be on DVD and available on Pay-Per-View starting 10/26.

The winner of the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance, Winter’s Bone is about a young teenage girl (a terrific Jennifer Lawrence) who’s living in terrible poverty in the Ozarks, the sole caregiver to her younger siblings and disabled mother. While trying to find her missing father (a crystal-meth maker), she must turn to estranged relatives and finds herself in impossibly dire situations. It’s a bleak film (with one humdinger of an are-they-really-doing-what-I-think-they’re-doing scene), but a gripping and ultimately moving one you won’t want to miss.

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