Winners and Losers: Pre-election edition


Anthony Suarez

Suarez is a free man after a federal jury found the Mayor of Ridgefield innocent of bribery and extortion.  Suarez was facing prison and is the first official arrested for corruption that beat the feds. 


Michael Critchley

The defense attorney for Anthony Suarez received praise in the media for beating the odds and getting Suarez acquitted of all charges.


Adam Schneider

Disgraced, wire-wearing developer Solomon Dwek named the Mayor of Long Branch in his testimony as a public official to whom he gave bribes, sending jitters through the Schneider camp. Critchley’s case on behalf of Suarez hinged on discrediting Dwek, which he did – and that helps Schneider.


Jon Runyan

A Monmouth University poll this week showed the 3rd Congressional District Republican challenger up five points, 48-43%, over U.S. Rep. John Adler (D-Cherry Hill). A second poll released by Rutgers-Eagleton showed him trending in the right direction in a dead heat with Adler. 

 Rush Holt

The Democratic incumbent has been in a brawl to keep his seat from the until-recently charging Republican Scott Sipprelle.  But a Monmouth University poll released this week stopped the R’s momentum, showing Sipprelle had dropped to 8 points behind from 5 earlier this month.  Still the race is closer than almost anyone believed it would be.

Chris Christie

The Republican governor landed yet another victory over Assembly Democrats as their version of arbitration reform – unveiled as an alternative to Christie’s two percent hard cap option, died.



Solomon Dwek

The former developer weakened the federal case against Ridgefield Mayor Anthony Suarez when he confessed to lawyer Michael Critchley on the witness stand that he committed about 1,000 crimes, among them fraud against family members. Dwek’s public profile was already bad. Now it’s worse than worse.

Kevin Larkin

The embattled sheriff of Mercer County resigned, effective Oct. 30th. Larkin’s tenure was marked by damaging headlines, including his inexplicably menacing visit to a Mercer County College classroom to personally confront a critic.

U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg

The most impassioned federal-level supporter of the Access to the Region’s Core (ARC) tunnel project vowed an investigation following Gov. Chris Christie’s decision to axe what would have been the country’s largest ever public infrastructure project. But the tunnel is still dead.

Sheila Oliver and the Democratic caucus

The Assemby Speaker again faced a divided caucus Monday when she tried to advance the Democrats’ version of arbitration reform. Even Oliver’s boss, Essex County Executive Joe DiVincenzo, opposed the bill Oliver tried to advance, which died before it reached the floor.  

The New Jersey Education Association

The NJEA was once again the subject of bad press as guerilla filmmaker James O’Keefe turned his controversial cameras on the union.  A film purportedly showing teachers bad mouthing Gov. Chris Christie and bragging about the difficulty in firing a teacher with tenure was released this week bearing the title Teachers Unions Gone Wild.  The NJEA dismissed it as the invention of a fabulist, but the hidden video footage has once again put the union and its members on the defensive over their tactics.

Winners and Losers: Pre-election edition