Winners and losers: Week of Oct. 4th


John Adler

For the Third District congressman, the week resembled the Rocky Marciano-Jersey Joe Walcott rematch – from the unsettling perspective of Walcott. For everyone else, right when it started looking interesting and politcos around the state reached for refills of popcorn and soda with less than a month to go in the campaign, Adler was on the canvas in the first round, as a Courier-Post story today revealed that operatives connected to the Adler campaign recruited dummy Tea Party candidate Peter DeStefano to drain votes from Republican challenger Jon Runyan.  


Joe Vas

A jury found the former Perth Amboy mayor and assemblyman guilty on five out of nine charges in his corruption trial. The former waterfront superstar turned battered bad guy was found guilty of taking $25,000 from a developer, who had divied the money up into checks from different donors.


M. Teresa Ruiz

Caught between “the twisted stars, the plotted lines, the faulty map,” to quote Lou Reed, the Newark senator endured a tough-luck, Jekyll-Hyde transformational week after siding with Democrats to subpoena Bret Schundler then turning around and excoriating the proceedings orchestrated by Senate Majority Leader Barbara Buono (D-Metuchen).


Barbara Buono

Last week’s victory is this week’s silly putty, as Gov. Chris Christie’s top-of-the-fold ARC announcement blew an ARC tunnel-sized hole in the press coverage of former Education Commssioner Bret Schundler’s testimony before Buono’s Legislative Oversight Committee.


Kathe Donovan

Democrats rarely lift their eyes off the carpet when they try to make the argument that Bergen County Executive Dennis McNerney can still win. But GOP challenger Donovan did what few Dems have been able to accomplish – make the wax figure candidacy of McNerney appear more than static  – with a giggly, repetitive and mono-dimensional performance on Michael Aron’s On the Record program. Minus Aron’s usual gravitas, the event had an SNL sketch tone, which mostly emanated from Donovan’s dizzy stylings.



Jon Runyan

This week’s news that Democrats propped a Tea Party tar baby up in the 3rd Congressional District makes the ex NFL offensive lineman look stately by comparison. Congressman John Adler’s allies all along have complained that Runyan was a “dirty player” when he leveled the opposition in the NFL (Peter “the Drone” DeStefano made the same charge, incidentally; wonder where he got that critque), but this time Adler appears to be entangled in the less than above board tactics of his partisans – and Runyan benefits.


Jane Roh

The Courier-Post reporter scores with a strong, old school piece of journalism that fingers Tea Party wannabe Peter DeStefano as a spoiler hand-picked by Democrats to henpeck Republican Jon Runyan.


Cory Booker

When the Newark mayor’s muncipal utilities authority (MUA) plan died, it looked like doom for Booker locally. It still might be. But the city council this week approved a four-year contract for Booker’s right-hand crimebuster, Garry McCarthy. The tough guy from New York has the affection and respect not only of Booker, but of North Ward Democratic leader Steve Adubato. McCarthy’s re-up also represents a loss to Booker’s longtime mechanic and campaign manager Pablo Fonseca, who’s long butted heads with the city’s top cop. But flaky tweets, Oprah bon bons, and imminent taxpayer misery aside, the mayor wanted McCarthy back and got him.


Linda Greenstein

The 14th District Assemblywoman has raised $671,982 for her campaign to unseat state Sen. Tom Goodwin (R-Hamilton), a 3-1 advantage. The fireplug Democrat this week reported a closing balance of $116,550, to Goodwin’s $57,400.


Nick Sacco

Overshadowed by young lion Union City Mayor Brian P. Stack in recent months, the muscle bound mayor of North Bergen this week starred in his own silver screen-sized fundraising send-up, which featured every Democratic Party power player in the state, including two U.S. senators and – all the way from West Deptford – Senate President Steve Sweeney. 


Joe DiVincenzo

The Essex County executive and cross-the-aisle Christie ally recorded mammoth fundraising totals for a noncompetitive Nov. 2nd challenge, and succeeded in walking back his off-the-reservation senator when M. Teresa Ruiz dressed down Democrats for posturing at this week’s Legislative Oversight Committee hearing. Winners and losers: Week of Oct. 4th