About Last Night: Frances Fox Piven

N.B: The Politicker is reaching out to some of the wiser heads of New York politics to get their take on what was learned last night

“The gubernatorial election produced a very politically slippery and devious Democrat into power. And the Attorney General election I applaud, that was good, it was hard fought, it was difficult.

“New York- like the rest of the country- is going to have to endure two years of circus like politics in the House of Representatives, including endless hearings, subpoenas and a mood that is fractious and dangerous. A lot of this has to do with the sort of subterranean issue of race that is being evoked by the Tea Party movement and the Republican Party so I think we’re in for a bad time.

“A lot of what happened was to be expected because midterm elections are lower turn-out elections and Obama’s success in 2008 and the success of a lot of congressional candidates was a result of a historic jump in turnout among three groups that usually have low turnout in American elections: young voters, poor voters, and African American voters.

“That also makes people very susceptible to propaganda that big money can produce and this election was saturated with Right Wing propaganda. This is a long-term problem for the prospects of democracy in a country that has complex governmental institutions, complex economic institutions, and complex governmental policies  that are very hard to monitor, very hard to interpret.

Frances Fox Piven is a political analyst and distinguished professor of Political Science at CUNY Graduate School. About Last Night: Frances Fox Piven