Acknowledging ‘new reality,’ Scarinci Hollenbeck lightens public sector workload

Legal giant Scarinci Hollenbeck shed nine bodies from its firm this month, all in the public sector specialty area.

Founding partner Donald Scarinci told that Matthew Giacobbe and eight other lawyers departed to form their own firm (Cleary Giacobbe Alfieri Jacobs) to focus on public employment and labor law. Scarinci said that while he anticipates 15% of his work would be in the public domain, he can no longer afford to do public sector work for less than $145 per hour.

“You can make a lot money representing public entities if you reduce the overhead,” said Scarinci, who applauded Giacobbe’s decision to go solo.

“We were among the last of the big firms doing this quantity of public work,” explained the attorney. “This is the new reality of public practice: less money for lawyers not more. You have to be ahead of it.”

Scarinci anticipates reducing 35-40% of his public sector contracted workload. The firm now employs 35-40 lawyers.

“This is a great group of attorneys to do public sector labor and employment law,” Scarinci said of the attorneys who departed his firm last week. “These were top shelf at my firm and they will conitnue to be top shelf.”

A longtime political ally of U.S. Sen Bob Menendez’s (D-Hoboken), Scarinci served on the celebrated 2000 Democratic Party redistricting team and just co-authored a book on the subject with Mark Magyar. 

Acknowledging ‘new reality,’ Scarinci Hollenbeck lightens public sector workload