America’s Favorite Things Are Free Things

Block out your afternoon tomorrow for the last most important daytime television broadcast of the year: Oprah’s Favorite Things. The annual audience giveaway special kicks off the holiday shopping season, especially for the lucky products featured (whose publicists should all get bonuses). The episode taped weeks ago, and all the details have kept under wraps.  Our statistical analysis of past episodes says to expect pajamas, electronics, games, snacks, and lots of crying women.

Here’s what we do know:

  • Mediaite reports that there is a “humungous twist.”

This is par for the glorious course of Favorite Things past. We assume the twist is to give away iPads and subscriptions to the new O magazine app, but we are hoping for something bigger.

This is only fair. Oprah has to work double time to make up for the last two years, when the free-stuff-fest was canceled in the name of good taste in a bad economy.

This is somewhat disappointing. Groupon is one of our favorite things, and the meaningful difference between us and Oprah is that she’s a billionaire. But considering she kicked off the season with trips to Australia for all audience members, it’s possible it’s a very big Groupon.

America’s Favorite Things Are Free Things