Andrew Cuomo Admits That ‘Reform’ Isn’t Very Original

Andrew Cuomo held a press conference at the attorney general’s office this morning with the man who will replace him there, Eric Schneiderman, and Cuomo was asked if his reform proposals would fare better under a Democratic or a Republican state Senate.

“I think both,” he said. “I don’t think it makes a difference. I think if you are a Democrat, if you are a Republican, you understand fully, especially from this election cycle that the people of the State of New York are fed up. And enough is enough and they want reform and they want it now and they want Albany cleaned up. By the way, everyone who ran, I don’t care if you are a Democrat, Republican, Assembly, Senate, governor, attorney general, everybody who ran said we will clean up Albany, right? Well now you have to do it. The old adage, ‘Do what you said you were going to do and the people are going to hold you accountable.’ Everybody said they were going to clean up Albany. Well, let’s clean up Albany.

Currently control of the state senate is up in the air, with three seats unfilled due to the close nature of the election on Nov. 2.

Cuomo was also asked about the appointment of Cathie Black to be city schools chancellor, but said that it was really a question for city officials, even though the state education commissioner has the ultimate say-so on whether or not Black will be granted a waiver.

“This is the mayor’s appointment, it’s the mayor’s judgment,” Cuomo said. “The mayor’s judgment has proven good in the past and I will leave it the mayor’s judgment in terms of the waiver. That is a waiver that will be determined by the commissioner of education I believe and I will leave that decision to them.”

Both Cuomo and Schneiderman were also asked about the possibility of holding the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in New York, and both said they were against it being in New York.



Andrew Cuomo Admits That ‘Reform’ Isn’t Very Original