BCDO underground

Swept on Election Day, the Bergen County Democratic Organization (BCDO) now turns to Chairman Michael Kasparian and wonders whether to let him write off the loss as the product of the national environment, or to write off Kasparian as a well-meaning businessman who simply has no business in politics.

Kasparian cancelled a meeting of the executive committee that he had scheduled for this past Monday, and sources close to the chairman insist his declaration had nothing to do with anticipation of a gathering movement against him.

It’s the holidays, people are gone, better to have the meeting next Monday.

Nothing more complicated than that.

But key players within factions that together add up to a party organization in the state’s biggest county nonetheless wouldn’t mind shutting down the chairman and moving in another direction, according to sources.

Technically, they can’t make it happen without Kasparian himself resigning, and so nothing’s likely to finally change. Sources say he has no intention of leaving. Re-elected in June to a two-year term, he aims to continue as chairman. But members of the committee are convinced they can speed his departure by issuing a “no confidence” vote come Monday. 

Kasparian told confidantes that Nov. 2nd was one of the worst nights in modern times to be a Democratic incumbent, and committeemembers should weigh that before getting rid of him. BCDO underground