Bob Iger’s Wife Launching Divorce Web Page For HuffPo

Should Walt Disney Company CEO Robert Iger be worried? His wife, television journalist Willow Bay, helped inaugurate a new divorce section on the Huffington Post.

Huff Post Divorce will launch on Monday. There are currently over 20 special sections on the Huffington Post about a wide variety of topics including College, Books, and Technology. The new divorce page will include legal and financial advice, forums for readers dealing with crumbling marriages, and news on celebrity splits.

Bay oversaw the development of Huff Post Divorce. She told the New York Times that the site has a wide variety of planned contributors.

“We have some lawyers lined up, dads who are new to the single dad thing, even a rabbi,” Bay said.

Bay is a senior editor at HuffPo who has worked as an on-air contributor for Lifetime, NBC News, “Good Morning America,” and MSNBC. She was the face of Estee Lauder from 1983 to 1989. Bay married Iger in 1995 in Bridgehampton.

Writer Nora Ephron is also helping with the Huff Post Divorce rollout. In 1983, Ephron wrote the novel Heartburn, a fictionalized account of her marriage and subsequent divorce to Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein. The Huff Post Divorce launch will feature an excerpt of Ephron’s new book, I Remember Nothing

Iger and Bay’s marriage may not be in trouble, but if they do ever split, she’s going to be an expert on alimony proceedings. Looks like Iger better be on his best spousal behavior from now on.   Bob Iger’s Wife Launching Divorce Web Page For HuffPo