Carey Out at State G.O.P.

The New York Republican Party just announced that spokesman Alex Carey is stepping down as communications director.

The move comes as many rank-and-file Republicans have been saying that state G.O.P. chairman Ed Cox should step down rather than finish the remained of his two-year term. Last week, Celeste Katz reported that executive director Tom Basile may be fired in an effort by Cox to keep the county chairs happy.

Instead, Basile will serve as interim communications director.

Republican are upset that despite a favorable political climate, the party was unable to capture a single statewide seat.

Carey is expected to stay on in an interim basis. Says Cox:

“Alex has been an integral member of our team and utilized his wealth of communications experience to develop and implement a strategic communications plan that will continue to benefit the Party’s efforts going forward.  Alex helped revamp our website, upgrade our social media capabilities, and lead the Republican charge in spreading our message of lower taxes, more jobs, and less spending throughout the campaign. I look forward to our continued collaboration on projects integral to the New York Republican Party’s messaging in the future.”

Carey came to New York G.O.P after serving as a spokesman for Tim Pawlenty in Minnesota. Now that Pawlenty is making his move for 2012, it is expected that Carey will re-join his former boss.

The Politicker wishes him the best of luck.

Carey Out at State G.O.P.