Cigarette Packaging to Remind Smokers of Impending Death

Like all living and breathing Americans, cigarette smokers will someday die. Now, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a new policy that will require cigarette packaging to make this inevitability more clear, Bloomberg Businessweek reports. 

After passing a law last year that required cigarette companies to slap more rigorous warnings on its products, the FDA has released a set of 35 images from which nine will be chosen in June 2011. After Oct. 22, 2012, no cigarettes can be sold in the U.S. without the approved labels. 

Among the proposed images are corpses and blackened lungs, and one of the slogans that could be chosen reads “Smoking can kill you.” Business Insider has a slideshow of some of the images the FDA is considering. 

The current text on cigarettes warn users of diseases or complications during pregnancy, but do not remind smokers that of the things that might kill them, cigarettes are among them.

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Cigarette Packaging to Remind Smokers of Impending Death