City Launches Attack on Sodium as Soup Season Approaches

It comes along at a certain time each year — that turning point when the wind picks up and the bone-cold air ignites within New Yorkers a craving for something warm to eat. And when this desire sets in, there’s no better way to succumb than to whip up a big, scalding-hot, salt-blasted bowl of soup.

City officials, however, are trying to steer people away from this simple pleasure. The New York Post is reporting that Mayor Michael Bloomberg is set to roll out a $370,000 ad campaign aimed at attacking high-sodium foods, and soups have become a prime target. You’ll soon see them all over the subway: posters featuring an open can of soup, but instead of a savory essence wafting out of the snack-filled cylinder, there’s an overflowing mound of salt. 

The Post acknowledges that despite the city’s claims that a high-sodium diet can cause heart attack and stroke, Bloomberg himself is a salt fiend. Much like its mayor, the city will face a choice between believing the costly ad campaign and staying away from sodium, or sating its salt tooth with a cheap, satisfying and warm bowl of Campbell’s. The days are only getting shorter, chillier and bleaker. Soup is here to help.

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