Coming To an Apartment Near You… Voice-Over Star Wendell Craig Buys $1.7 M. Pad

Wendell Craig, the disembodied voice behind many a TV commercial, movie trailer and all things CBS, just bought a sprawling two-bedroom co-op in Morningside Heights.

Mr. Craig’s Web site convincingly declares him “one of the most-heard voices in America.” (If you can imagine his authoritative voice booming this out, it is all the more convincing.) The sprawling apartment at 600 West 111th Street cost Mr. Craig $1.695 million in hard-sung dollars. The place was listed for $1.795 million, but even with the discount, that’s a pretty hefty tag for a spot on upper Broadway, smack in the path of Columbia kids in search of mediocre Chinese takeout.

Yet, for the money, the place sure is nice, a deal compared to some apartments just a few blocks south. For the student discount, Mr. Craig will get a 2,000-square-foot prewar pad with high-beamed ceilings, access to a roof deck and a windowed kitchen more spacious than most 21 year olds’ apartments. The sellers are Robert E. Beers, an attorney, and Danicia Ambron, a varsity swimmer turned yoga instructor.

Now a staff announcer at CBS, Mr. Craig has bought the spot along with his wife, Nancy Good. All The Observer could find out about Ms. Good is that she wrote the book How To Live with a Difficult Man. Maybe that helps explain an apartment with four walk-in closets and two over-sized bedrooms, plus a maid’s room.

Broker Laurie Shelasky of Wohlfarth declined to comment.
Coming To an Apartment Near You… Voice-Over Star Wendell Craig Buys $1.7 M. Pad