Congressional Update: Bishop Up, Maffei Down

There are still five congressional races around the country that remain too-close-to-call, and two of them are here in New York, the state which has already seen the most seats flip from Democrat to Republican.

Out in western New York, it appears as if Democratic congressman Dan Maffei is headed for defeat. Republican Ann Marie Buerkle, a Tea Party favorite, has a 567-vote lead as of this afternoon. A court hearing is set for Tuesday, where Maffei’s lawyers may ask for a hand-recount, which could continue on until January. The Buerkle campaign seems cautiously optimistic.

According to State of Politics, even loyal Democrats are doubting Maffei’s chances of pulling off a win.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the state, on the eastern tip of Long Island, Democratic incumbent Tim Bishop has a 17-vote lead over Republican challenger Randy Altschuler. When the recount began, Altschuler had a 383-vote lead. The pair have challenged over 1,000 ballots, including those of Bishop’s elderly parents, who voted absentee from their winter home in Florida.

Election officials still must count over 5,000 ballots from the town of the Brookhaven.

Congressional Update: Bishop Up, Maffei Down