Could Crocs, Once Widely Shunned, Be Back in the Footwear Game?

No one can doubt that Crocs enjoyed a strong heyday back in 2006 — they were everywhere! — but the soon enough there were signs that the bubble was aout to burst. One of these signs was the exclamation that greeting a Crocs sighting: “Why the hell are you wearing those shoes? They’re the ugliest things I’ve ever seen!” In response, the Crocs-wearer would not deny the inherent ugliness and instead insist, in a hurt voice, that “They’re comfortable” and try to drop the subject. “Comfortable” as they may be, taste and decency eventually did away with Crocs for good.

Now, the maligned shoe brand is banking on a comeback — and they might just pull it off. Fast Company reports that third-quarter earnings indicate that the Crocs brand has some vitality, having pulled in a higher net income than the previous quarter. A third of this revenue comes from the 250 new designs the company has rolled out since tanking in 2008. 

The increasing popularity of these designs makes sense. Because these iterations of the distinctive Crocs style diverge enough from the best-known make, those who value footwear for the feel and not the fashion can walk outside, and be “comfortable,” without the fear of constant ridicule. 

nfreeman [at] | @nfreeman1234 Could Crocs, Once Widely Shunned, Be Back in the Footwear Game?