Crowley Tells Fox Biz That Foursquare is New Loyalty Card

True, location based services aren’t mainstream yet, but that didn’t stop Fox Business News from jumping on the Foursquare train. 

Founder Dennis Crowley appeared on the show today for an interview, and the fine folks at Fox asked him the hard questions about internet business.

Highlights include one Fox anchor choking on the question of “generating revenue” and the other wondering if Foursquare might risk alienating its core users by going too commericial. 

Hello! Crowley just modeled for a hunky Gap ad and is taking the time out for Fox News. Could their embrace of the mainstream be any clearer? Maybe Crowley can make this simpler. 

“I think it’s a new version of the loyalty card that we’re building. You ever go into a sandwich shop, for every ten times you come in you get a free sandwich. We’re doing that for all businesses.”

Ahhh, the marvels of geo-location boiled down to a free ham and cheese. Still, gotta love @dens blowing up Black Friday. 

Doesn’t seem like Fox offers an embed code for their video, but you can check the interview out here.  


Crowley Tells Fox Biz That Foursquare is New Loyalty Card