Cuomo on Rattner’s SEC Settlement: ‘That’s Not Justice.’ [VIDEO]

After dropping off Thanksgiving food donations at the New York Rescue Mission today, future governor Andrew Cuomo took a few minutes to answer reporters’ questions about Cathie Black, Steven Rattner, and being a People magazine Sexiest Man Alive runner-up. 

Cuomo said that it is not his place to second guess Mayor Bloomberg’s decisions with regard to city education.

“I believe in mayoral control. If you’re going to give the person responsibility, you have to give them authority. I’m going to be governor of the state of New York. People are going to look to me to solve problems. If I’m going to have the responsibility, well, then I want the authority to make decisions,” he said.

As for Steve Rattner, Cuomo admitted it was frustrating to be unable to speak about details of the case while Rattner runs his mouth all over town. He did manage to sneak in a few ominous barbs, though.

“At the end of the day, Mr. Rattner’s behavior, I believe, was truly an egregious example of basically stealing taxpayer’s money. When the facts are out, people will know very well what Mr. Rattner has done,” he said. 

He later added that his additional lawsuit is a way of rejecting the SEC settlement, which he felt was too lenient. [Ed Note: Cuomo also appears to reject the SEC’s math. Cuomo said Rattner’s $6 million dollar settlement was “basically the amount of money Mr. Rattner will make from the deal.” But the SEC, in its announcement of the settlement, said that “Rattner’s personal share of these fees totals approximately $3 million,” and describes the additional $3 million as a penalty. Cuomo is seeking $26 million from Rattner.]     

Cuomo on Rattner and justice from katherine stoeffel on Vimeo.

One decision Cuomo is willing to leave up to the SEC however is whether or not it’s ethical for Rattner to continue working the capacity of Mayor Bloomberg’s financial advisor.

“It’s a good question, but it’s up to the SEC,” he said.

As far as being a Sexiest Man Alive, it sounds like Cuomo is most interested in the distinction for sibling rivalry reasons. 

“I had a little bit of fun with it, especially with my younger brother Chris who previously was on the list. I sort of delighted in looking at the list and calling up Chris and saying, ‘There must be a typo’ when I couldn’t find his name or his photo in the list,” he said. 

Cuomo on Rattner’s SEC Settlement: ‘That’s Not Justice.’ [VIDEO]