Dems file OPRA request on guv travel

Citing an inspector general’s report outlining what it termed “a pattern of abuse” in the travel bills of former U.S. Attorney Chris Christie, the New Jersey Democratic State Committee wants answers regarding the governor’s travel and has accordingly filed an OPRA request.

“The word hypocrisy comes to mind,” said Democratic State Committee Chairman John Wisniewski. “These are the same types of abuses he takes pride in berating others for regularly. More disturbing than the excessive lodging of Christie, was the documented pattern of abuse, misleading statements, failure to comply with federal regulations and lack of justification for travel arrangements at all. Without these OPRA requests, we won’t know for sure that the Governor isn’t continuing his pattern of abuse.”

The governor’s office treated the intel in the inspector general’s report as old news, directing reporters back to the campaign trail, when Jon Corzine’s campaign made an issue of Christie’s repeated decision not to secure a government rate for lodging when he traveled on the taxpayer dime.

“Referring reporters to previous statements makes further examination essential because during the campaign, Christie said he would loosen state business travel policies giving officials more leeway for business travel — with taxpayers footing the bill. If he’s leading by example as we have seen documented in this report, the taxpayers have every reason to be concerned,” Wisniewski complaiend. Dems file OPRA request on guv travel