Dow Diary: Feeling Okay, Despite the Chaos Everywhere

Dear Diary,

I had a nice afternoon today, recovering from a choppy morning to finish with a 22-point victory. Not the most stunning of all victories — for an example of that check yesterday’s results — but a respectable showing nonetheless.

On the international front, China and Europe are still weighing me down — and at home, there’s still plenty of reason to be worried about the $600 billion Federal Reserve monetary stimulus package called quantitative easing. Is QE an effective buffer against a “double dip” recession? Or is it a horrendously inflationary waste of the Fed’s credibility? I don’t know — and neither does anybody else! I wish everyone would just sort this mess out, because frankly the uncertainty is getting pretty irksome.

Anyway, the new Harry Potter movie is out, and it’s been a wacky week in the world of finance, so I’m going to just put my feet up this weekend and try to put these burdensome concerns out of my head for a bit.

Ta ta for now,

The Dow Jones Industrial Average Dow Diary: Feeling Okay, Despite the Chaos Everywhere