Dow Diary: The Feds Are On My Tail!

Dear Diary,

I can’t talk for very long, because I have to keep a lookout for the FBI; they could be coming any minute. It’s a nervous day to be working on Wall Street. Three hedge funds got raided today as the Feds started playing rough with insider-trading suspects. Level Global, Diamondback Capital Management and Loch Capital all got searched today. And reports keep bringing up the name Goldman Sachs, because apparently Goldman has at one point indirectly invested in Level Global. And if Goldman’s involved, that can mean legal hell to pay for all of Wall Street.

As the news continued to break, I took a major tumble, then in the afternoon recovered from my lows to finish with a loss of 25 points. Not bad, all things considered.

Oh! And Ireland accepted a bailout from the European Union and the IMF that’s potentially worth $100 billion. But that’s no big deal! (I’m being sarcastic. The world is very scary for me right now.)

Shoot. I think that may be a knock at the door.

Gotta go,

The Dow Jones Industrial Average Dow Diary: The Feds Are On My Tail!