Elsewhere: A Big Middle Finger to All Those Who Hate My Mom

Erik Enquist lays out the options for Cathie Black.

Regarding Black: Klein defended, Cuomo ducked, Silver was slippery, Liu was pointed.

And Marcus Crespo said Black should withdraw.

George Pataki took aim at Sarah Palin.

Chuck Schumer thinks (big surprise) a focus on the middle class can ward off a third-party challenge in 2012.

Wayne Barrett has a little fun with the Cuomo/Rattner feud.

Ta-Nehisi Coates says that, yes, the Dept of Education could need a skilled manager. But it doesn’t follow that the agency needs Cathie Black.

This blogger doesn’t like the promotion of Steve Isreal to head up the DCCC, calling him “the epitome of a DLC/Third Way hack.”

Bristol Palin on “Dancing With The Stars”: “Going out there and winning this would feel like a big middle finger to all those who hate my mom and hate me”

Also, Bristol’s mom, Sarah Palin, responds to Barbara Bush’s hope that Palin stays in Alaska: “I think the majority of Americans don’t want to put up with the blue bloods.”

And President Obama may be the only American who doesn’t devote precious mental space to Palin.

What’s the future of NY-23?

How Jimmy McMillan (and other pols) cook Thanksgiving dinner. Elsewhere: A Big Middle Finger to All Those Who Hate My Mom