Elsewhere: Anything Less Than Execution is Too Kind

Is Cathie Black Mike Bloomberg’s Donald Manes?

The hydrofracking bill that passed the Assembly yesterday could deny permits to hundreds of drillers who use a traditional technique that does no damage to the environment.

Superstar consultant/lobbyist Jennifer Cunningham is quitting the lobbying game after helping elect Andrew Cuomo and ex-husband Eric Schneiderman.

Shelly Silver sees “no problems ahead” for the Assembly Democrats with Andrew Cuomo in charge.

David Paterson says lawmakers inaction violates their oath of office.

Steve Kornacki lays out the Schumer/Solarz connection.

The Senate voted down a ban on earmarks, which met with mixed reaction from transit advocates.

Senators Chuck Schumer and Carl Levin are pressing AIPAC to come out in favor of the new START arms control treat

Hugo Chavez thinks Hillary Clinton should resign because she “thinks she is superior to the black guy.”

Mike Huckabee on the Wikileaks leaker: “I think anything less than execution is too kind a penalty,” He made the comments at The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Library where he was signing copies of his new children’s book, “Can’t Wait Till Christmas!”

Kirsten Gillibrand took to the HuffPo over DADT repeal.

Elsewhere: Anything Less Than Execution is Too Kind