Elsewhere: I Am Going to Have to Excuse Myself

A blogger who sued for the right to attend mayoral press conferences got the first question at today’s Bloomberg presser. He asked about pillow talk.

Azi’s got the lowdown on the Cuomo Transition Team.

Cuomo says the team is made up of both Republicans, Democrats, the tall and the short.

Welcome to Albany, Andrew Cuomo! The state’s budget hole is expected to be closer to $1 billion.

The State Senate Dems hired powerhouse election attorney Ken Gross.

Andrew Cuomo is keeping up the heat on Steven Rattner.

Congressman-elect Tom Reed was hospitalized

Liz Holtzman thinks George Bush deserves a special prosecutor.

Cindy McCain backtracked on DADT.

Mitch McConnel backs an earmark ban

On Rangel, the Ethics Committee said, “No material fact is in dispute.”

NPR runs down potential verdicts.


Elsewhere: I Am Going to Have to Excuse Myself