Elsewhere: Into The Machiavellian Swamps

Shelly Silver shoots down rumors that he is on the way out

John Jay Lavalle is defending Ed Cox.

Andrew Cuomo was unable to avoid the press in Puerto Rico.

Grief counselors for Capitol Hill staffers?

Alec Baldwin for Congress?

Darrell Issa is planning hundreds of investigations into the Obama administration (Also check out that art on the office wall..)

Who watches Obama’s You Tube videos? No one, apparently.

Marc Ambinder is no longer a blogger

Jesse Ventura would like Mike Bloomberg to finance his own run for the presidency if the mayor takes a pass on 2012

Esquire thinks Bloomberg is playing his cards right.

Video evidence that Robert Gibbs stood up for the White House press corps in India.

Bradley Tusk will be working to get a Walmart in the city.

Hillary Clinton gives advice on how to be diplomatic about your neighborhood barbecue.

The GOP creates a special Freshman Leader position

A blogger for The Awl wants New York City  to get out of New York. Elsewhere: Into The Machiavellian Swamps