Elsewhere: Jimmy McMillan On The March

“Cathie represents the opportunity to build consensus with all the players, and to win back all the people Joel has alienated,” Chris Smith reports.

David Carr would like to see her educate the mayor’s press shop.

Andrew Cuomo will lift the veil of secrecy that now surrounds Albany.

Jimmy Vielkind says Tom Basile is out at the state G.O.P.

But Ed Cox said there will be no personnel changes.

Chuck Schumer acknowledged that New York has lost clout in the new Congress.

What do voters think of obese candidates?

Greg Ball would like you to spend New Year’s Eve with him.

Obama’s deficit commission calls for cuts to Social Security and Medicare, reducing income-tax rates and eliminating tax breaks like the mortgage-interest deduction

Joel Klein tells the Times “I really did think it was the right time.”

Nancy Pelosi thinks President Obama needs to be “perfect” to win in 2012.

Not perfect Mark Sanford is currently more popular than Obama in South Carolina.

Jimmy McMillan will be marching in the Veteran’s Day Parade tomorrow. Elsewhere: Jimmy McMillan On The March