Elsewhere: Mundane Kitsch

Chris Christie stole the show at the Republican Governors Association.

Morgan Meis calls the official portrait of George W. Bush that hangs in the National Portrait Gallery “mundane kitsch.”

Charlie Rangel gave away turkeys and declined to discuss his upcoming censure vote.

As the Democrats seem to be losing their grip of the State Senate, Sampson urges Skelos to cooperate.

Some somewhat good news for Cathie Black: her house sold, but 15% down from asking price.

Tim Bishop is confident of victory.

David Paterson has a big agenda for the special session.

If there are any subways being extended, Staten Island would like one there.

Barbara Bush clarifies that fetus in a jar thing.

Bill Owens may back John Boehner.

Two of NY’s major construction projects are being investigated for fraud.

Andrew Cuomo will use campaign bucks to push his agenda.

Mike Huckabee wants the Obamas to submit to a TSA pat-down. Elsewhere: Mundane Kitsch