Elsewhere: ‘Obama Is Guilty Of Political Malpractice In The First Degree’

Hank Morris reached a plea deal.

Jerry Nadler said this morning that President Obama is “guilty of political malpractice in the first degree.”

Trouble may already be brewing between Andrew Cuomo and the legislature.

Vito Fossella had high praise for Michael Grimm.

CKatz has a run down of where the three state senate races that are yet to be decided stand.

Joe Mondello is not adverse to leading the state GOP

Sarah Palin is claiming victory.

Election night in five minutes.

In 2012 polling, Obama trails Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney but leads Palin and Newt Gingrich.

Obama addresses his political troops.

Tina Fey says referring to Sarah Palin as “Governor Palin” is like calling her a Daily Queen employee: “I mean I was, but I quit.”

Well, that’s civil: newly-elected Illinois senator Mark Kirk and his opponent Alexi Giannoulias met for a beer.

All 95 candidates who pledged support for net neutrality lost on Tuesday.

Former Governor Spitzer comes out in favor of Citizens United and against a late bar mitzvah.

Democratic Assemblyman Sam Hoyt expresses sympathy for Carl Paladino and says he was “saddened” by how Paladino was portrayed in the media.

Charlie Rangel says he’s “fully committed” to his next two-year term.

Did the lack of the WFP line doom Daryl Aubertine?

Elsewhere: ‘Obama Is Guilty Of Political Malpractice In The First Degree’