Elsewhere: Office Space

Republican Westchester County Exec Rob Astorino agrees to help Cuomo clean up Albany.

Rand Paul is prepping for his new ideal job: hosting a bicameral Tea Party Caucus.

Erie County to have the most pull in future Republican nominations, so there’s one thing that Paladino did to help the G.O.P.

Meghan McCain thinks a reality show could work for O’Donnell, but not political office.

Quinn and Liu seem to be siding more against Bloomberg as opposed to Black in the chancellorship decision.

Extending the hand of friendship gets Michelle Obama in some hot Indonesian water.

Michael Grimm already has McMahon’s old job, and now he wants his old desk.

Cathie Black has donated to both McCain and Clinton campaigns.

An 81-year-old Greenwich Village resident is suing to have the Feds recognize gay marriage.

Sen. Schumer is officially bringing the Four Loko debate to Manhattan.

Marty Markowitz mistakenly sent out a form letter to constituents concerned about Coney.

Dov Hikind accuses the Bloomberg administration of threatening to take away school vouchers if local rabbis didn’t back Dan Donovan.

President Obama’s map is narrowing.

GQ looks at the Eric Holder-Rahm Emaneul drama.

Media Matters won a charity auction to have lunch with Rupert Murdoch.

Congressman-elect (??) Randy Altschuler is heading to the Monday Meeting.

Elsewhere: Office Space