Elsewhere: Painful to Watch

Charlie Rangel’s prosecutor may also serve as his savior.

David Kurtz thinks that Rangel’s behavior over the last few days should factor into his punishment

Cuomo thinks that it’s “painful to watch” Rangel go through his Ethics hearings.

New York had the lowest election turnout in the nation.

NY GOP announces new master of press ceremonies.

Mayor Bloomberg says he is not qualified to be treasury secretary.

Rangel’s primary challenger unsurprisingly calls for him to resign after ethics violations.

Three final transition teams for Cuomo have been announced.

Thompson and Grisanti are headed to a recount in 60th district because of a voting machine failure.

Rahm races ahead in Chicago.

Is it Chuck Schumer’s goal to get on the record defending tax breaks for millionaires.

Ironical: Freshman Republican Congressman Andy Harris, who was elected on a promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act, is outraged that he’s going to go a whole month before his government-provided health insurance kicks in.

Scott Murphy and Chris Gibson met up in D.C.

A good look at David Steiner and Meryl Tisch.

Elsewhere: Painful to Watch