Elsewhere: Special Session Day

Dick Ravitch said good-bye.

The state Senate is taking a pass on the state deficit. 

Dean Skelos suggested that Shelly Silver seek therapy.

Skelos will lead the Senate Republicans.

And Shelly Silver seems poised to lead the Assembly Democrats.

Mark Schroeder disapproves.

Peter Koo is donating his entire city council salary to community groups.

Republicans are trying to keep George Soros’ absentee ballot from counting.

Jack Shafer thinks wikileaks makes it impossible for Hillary Clinton to continue on as Secretary of State.

With the Rangel vote looming, here is video of the censure debate over Barney Frank.

Mark Foley may return.

President Obama proposed a pay in federal workers’ pay.

Why Peter King’s call for charges in the Wikileaks saga is outside historical norms.





Elsewhere: Special Session Day